zondag 7 november 2010

MoM nov 6th

This is not a screen design, but combines a couple of aspects.

It's a further exploration of the header, using Bart's logo. Any of the four logo's could fit in; I put in this one, because I slightly prefer it, because of the way the asymetric UvA logo (weigth left) balances out the asemetric top (where the 'thoughtcloud-thingies' give weight to the right).

The menu items involve everything that is in the right column in the current MoM-blog. On mouse over the menu item hightlights (as is here the case on menu item 2) and the submenu items appear underneath. Searchfunction should be set apart on this same bar I imagine.

Then the cards

the upper three cards are examples of how they display when idle (no mouse over or anything). The grey transparent overlay shows just the title (so it varies how far up the overlay is). The card in the background shows author and date and: 1) the intro to the text, 2) a cut out of the text (this makes the whole page more playfull in case there's no images on it), or 3) an image if present.

On mouse over:
Illustrated in the second row are the cards as they would appear when your mouse hovers over the card. The overlay moves up and now shows also the tags. It only moves up so far as is needed for the text. Bacjground on the card stays the same. 

On click:
Clicking a card will open a new page, the post's page. I'll make something on that later.

Obviously there's other ways to arrange the data on the cards and overlays, like: having title, author, tags on the background card and the intro text on the overlay. Or anything in between. So, I'd like to hear your thoughts on that.

About the colours. They are not fully implemented yet as they were suggested, but I think there's too many of them... But we could use them for labels (like spacecollectives 'related projects'), which is not in the design yet. Background colour I found was difficult. White doesn't offset the cards, but most other colours from the suggested palettes make the design to dark... Something to discuss next time!

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  1. very nice! Even with this color, it's more colurfull that the curent site.