MoM-blog redesign

General 1st design > inspired by the ideas of the others. So not so much a interaction design yet, but maybe we first decide on a design, and then comes the interaction design. I have some ideas on that though that I will pen down asap.

Though I liked the colours of both Bart's and Onur's design a lot, I choose a more neutral background and more contrast in the colourpalet. Let me know what you guys think!

Header: For the Wordle we might be able to use the processing library, will have to look further into that. Do we still need a tagcloud next to this? It might be an option to still have a link to the old tagcloud, but not have it on the home anymore.
General: We should discuss what the search possibilities are. I would like to see a more advanced search option, where you can search by date, keyword, tag, author, etc.
New posts: The posts from the second row onwards now miss a date, but I guess that should actually be in there after all... I've put a lot of the posts on there, but maybe it's a bit too much?
Right column: I included most popular posts, blogroll: collaborative and blodroll: individual. So left some out that are in the current blog.
Previous posts: I let go of the idea of the coloured bars. I like them in the designs, but I think they only work when it's a maximum of 5 or 6 or so. If the idea is to show as many posts as possible, then these coloured bars in my opinion will become too much.
Some more > On colours and fonts. I haven't put in further specs, like measures etc, since we first need to decide what the final design will look like. 

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  1. Hya,
    - I like the neutral background and a more vivid color palette. I'm not so sure about the 'belgian' or 'german' colors.
    - A tag cloud as the header seems great. Maybe we could make it an interactive one: By default is shows the tags of the last 30 days, but with a little navigation you can go back and forth in months or show the overall tag cloud.
    - A more advanced search should be possible. See e.g. or
    - A lot of posts is not necessarily a bad thing. It seems a date and author could be nice in there though.
    - What about Onur's idea of hiearchical text scaling to complement 3/5/5... layout?
    - As for the right column, it should definately be possible to navigate to the archives, as well as to the authors, in addition to popular posts. It seems the blogrolls and meta are less important. Recent comments or recent retweets / likes seem similar to popular posts.
    - How would a single post or search look like?
    - Good work!